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Medicating with Full Melt Concentrates

The most effective way of medicating with wax  Is "Dabbing".  The most common form of Dabbing Is the nail and dome.  The nail, usually titanium is attached to your bong and Is heated up with a handheld torch to temperature and covered with the dome. After that, using a dabbing tool a small dose of wax Is placed down on the nail thru the hole In the dome and there Its flash vaporized and then can be inhaled. This has become very popular recently among patients for inducing the strongest psychoactive effects possible. People who are seriously suffering should consider using this delivery method. Even a patient on a budget this may be a great option. A small dab Is plenty to conquer any ailment and since your using so little wax, a gram goes a very long way. Jimmy Buffet said it best  "...a little dab'll do ya." 

Dabbing can be very safe when done properly Please exercise extreme caution when dealing with open flames and hot nails!

  Featured Wax Strain

Our featured strain this week Is Tahoe OG! It has some of the strongest medicinal properties available and patients with severe pain can expect some serious relief. Very potent, produces strong sedative effects patients with Insomnia can truly benefit from this wax. Powerful appitite stimulant don't be surprised If you eat an entire  box of cereal and finish all the ice cream! Effects are very calming and europhoric . Tahoe OG has a especially strong pungent aroma and  a very rich and earthy flavor.

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From: Adnan, 01/03/19 03:36 PM


A lil dab 'll do ya

From: D'cady Sarahchild, 02/11/17 12:53 PM

Just wanted to expand your history of the phrase:
It was the tag line in a commercial
for Brylcreme hair treatment, the original
Greasy kid stuff! (according to the Vitalis ad of the same era)