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2014 Outdoor Grow -Part 2

We know you all are excited about our upcoming harvest and so are we! You have been asking for an update and here It Is This year we are featuring  some TGA subcool and SOhum genetics  Jilly Bean, Og Ringo, Pineapple Thai, Pineapple Cheese, Qrazy Train, Agent Orange and Hula Buddha. Our flowers are truly 100% organic and thats guarenteed!  Nothing toxic was ever used NO synthetics NO pesticides  We would NEVER poisen the environment or our patients. 

Comming soon we will be offering 100$ Ounces That Is the cheapest deal around! Tasty Premium flowers for a fraction of the price. In the mean time check out the menu for our current list of flowers.





Cheeba Chew Deca Dose cc_deca A delicious chocolate taffy now comes In a 175mg dose.                2.5x stronger. These chews are perfect for patients with a higher than normal tolerance. Enjoy =)

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