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SCC Fullmelt Wax Now Available Again!

The wait Is over, and our waxes are back. We apologize for the breif delay In production. Thank you for bearing with us thru this time we know how much you all love our melts. Are menu Is huge now, with up to 30 different strains available and growing, you might find It difficult to make a desicion. Not only do we have house made golden wax again but we are continuing to offer POP OiL as well. Some of the oils have been tested at over 80% Very strong medicine!                          


This is a newer cannabis strain that has become very popular over the last few years with very strong and Intence effects but still remains enjoyable. Great buzz, semifunctional with sedative effects. Works well for Anxiety, pain and Insomnia. The genetics are speculated  to be of OG Kush, Cherry Pie, GDP and Durban Poisen. There are many phenotype variations and many breaders have also attempted to copy the genetics but with little successs. The true GSC was bred by the Cookie Family same breeders who created the newly popular Sherbet strain.

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