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Delivery Services and Their Over Priced Medicine

Thats the million dollar question here Is why do they ask so much for their medicine. We have been heavily and deeply delving into this issue recently, and we dont want it to just be swept under the rug. Would you want to pay 350- 400$ for just 1 oz. of flowers? I personally wouldnt. Now Its understandable for a walk in dispencery to have high donations like this beacuse they have major overhead, such as rent, employee saleries and taxes to pay but when you look at a delivery service they have almost no overhead costs at all. Are they just trying to make a profit of sick and dieing patients who are not able to get into their cars and drive to a dispencery? If thats so they have truly lost sight of what this Industry Is all about. Most of these patients are very ill and cannot afford to pay these exorbitant donations, they may already have medical bills and other expences that they have incurred. We are addressing this issue because Its very frusturating and genuinely upsetting to people In this industry who are here for the right reasons to hear what these caregivers are doing. At SCC we remain true to why we went into this buisness. It is our goal to provide medical help to those that due to issues with transportation, health, distance cannot make it to a dispensary to obtain their medication and do so at the lowest possible donation. Isnt It possible to still bring in revenue and provide affordable and high quality medicine? I thought this was a non profit Industry! Where Is their Integrity? What are their motives? So again why are they asking so much? Should'nt there be an industry standard? We want YOU to decide.

*Please post In the comments section below your thoughts on this issue we want to hear what YOU the patients have to say about this.

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From: Elgin, 02/13/19 07:09 AM

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From: Bertilde, 12/22/18 10:32 AM

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From: asdf, 11/27/18 05:53 AM


Delivery services and prices

From: MAX, 06/27/18 09:54 AM

I agree 100 with you on the article you wrote. They have lost site to what people need it for. They care more about the money than the people. Without the people they wouldn't have sells. I wish they had it here in texas. They only legalized it for epilepsy patients. I have anxiety and panic attacks and pain from a previous car accident. Anyways it was good to read your piece.

From: Anonymous, 05/16/18 08:34 PM

Strongly agree with the message that many dispensaries/deliveries are waaay overcharging for the medicine. I Worked at a dispensary for a couple years and trust me when I say they definitely have profit in mind, while receiving product at wholesale prices they are marking it up more than the 60-100%. It’s actually more around 120%-200% or more depending on the product. It’s very insane. All for extra $ to put in their pocket for other investments. You guys are awesome. Keep doing what you do.

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From: susan rogers, 04/08/17 06:40 PM

i have broken my neck and damaged my back and work as a grocery clerk lifting heavy stuff and my syiatic shoots threw my legs to where i can not walk very far and i work odd hours so delivery means alot but i pay too much to get it delivered and i was set against weed until i tried cbd and ediables and now i am an advacote but delivery is so expensive and i feel out of place at the shops so it would be nice to be able to pay little or no delivery fee in my best interests i make minimum wage and just getting to feel good is so important to me but i can barly afford cbd let alone a fee to get it to me so thank you for letting me express it

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From: dc sarahchild, 06/09/16 03:32 PM

This is an amazing service delivering quality medicinals. The flowers are terrific, nice selection.
Delivery is always the same day if you call early enough. Usually within 2 hours depending on your location.
The product is exceptional, at the BEST prices I have seen since MMJ became legal. Even brick and mortar dispensaries are far more costly. SCC delivers high quality medicine at low cost. It is clear SCC is dedicated to helping the MMJ using community, rather than reaping a bonanza.

Delivery services

From: Shirley Corda, 06/29/15 08:37 AM

SCC has the best prices hands down!!! Delivery service is the best way to connect. Looking forward to my next order in a couple months. Save me some Sour Diesel buds one of my favorites!! See you then!! Mahalo