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2016 Outdoor Harvest


2016 Outdoor harvest is right around the corner. 2016 will bring a wide variety of FROSTY strains with a donation price of $120 an ounce and $70 a half ounce.

Strains include: New Age Reserve, Jack Herer, Super Bud, Private Reserve, Mothers Finest, Hula Buddha and Pineapple Diesel.

Please keep an eye out on the menue, it's coming soon :)

Check out some photos from the 2016 Harvest below!!


2016 Cannabis Harvest

2016 Cannabis Harvest

2016 Cannabis Harvest

2016 Cannabis Harvest

2016 Cannabis Harvest

2016 Cannabis Harvest

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From: Tina Woodd, 10/14/16 08:59 PM

Incredible flowers, nicccce!! The price can't be beat. May I please have a menu when it's ready