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Private Reserve outdoor best in town

Made my second order this morning, I got the private reserve ounce it was only 120$ and it literally was the best outdoor ive seen. Tasted amazing and the buzz was perfect. I also got the private reserve live resin wax it looked like somthing from outer space it was very translucent and almost clear I can say it was the best wax i have ever had. I keep saying that eveytime i try a new wax from here lol. Im so pleased with this delivery service ken is one of the nicest people ive ever met. I like how they treat me like a friend and not like its just buisness. I dont think i will ever go back to a dispencery again.

- hawaiianGenetics


I will keep it short and sweet. I called this morning and talked to Dan who was professional and knowledgeable on the strains and effects of them. I ended up getting the 1/8 of Green Crack as well as an 1/8 of Durban Poison. Both strains are GREAT and I look forward to checking out the rest of the strains they offer. get a chance to CHECK THEM OUT! Thank you for an awesome service!

- TaylorWilliamMoore

Amazing Deals on Flower

A very fast, convenient, and reliable service delivering high quality medicine for great prices that is operated in a friendly and professional manner, what more can I say! Thanks for all the awesome ounces Ken!

- Andranik

 Absolutely Amazing is an Understatement!

Ken showed up on time, was very friendly, professional, and helpful. I would love to go into great detail about my experience, but sadly am very busy... to cut to the chase; Kens medicine is of the highest quality and very may well be the most reasonably priced in the whole county as well; a potent combination. After being around the industry for years all I have to say is more businesses and people could do well to follow his example. All the best Ken; see you next time.

- Budd711711

 Excellent quality & prices

These guys have great products which provide the best bang for the buck in this area. Yesterday I got 1/2 oz GDP which was already a bargain at 75, and was given a free gram of GDP concentrate (they sometimes surprise their customers with free extras). The buds are very good indeed and easily worth quite a bit more, and the wax is stellar. I medicate for depression/anxiety and chronic pain, this indica variety works especially well for me. I usually prefer to go to a dispensary & see everything before I get it, but these guys have won me over. I highly recommend SCC.

- mikegoldst

 Totally perfect :)

First time buyer from here. Everything's amazing. The Jillybean and Qrazy Train buds are a great hybrid blend. The Jillybean wax is delicious. Delivered it on time, and super kudos to the driver who was able to find my house.

- laadeedaalonii


so I just bought flowers and got some wax this last thursday, and I had a friend who was running an extract booth (High Intel Xtracts) at the Emerald Cup who after the cup we went back to try a variety of different waxes and shatter and my buddy was blown away with the JILLYBEAN i had. He was even more impressed when I told him it was delivery service around the area who also made his own wax, and needless to say I ended up trading a half gram to my buddy since he couldn't get over how tasty the wax was!!
Thanks Ken for making top notch stuff to show off and enjoy!!!!

- axelmafra

 Almost forgot to review the waxes

I got HULA BUDDAH crumble which tasted insanely clean, and super smooth. i've gotten the flowers so i know the taste really well and i gotta say ken's wax's is the only one that matches the taste that the flowers smell, amazing work!
the second wax i got was SOUR OG, which had a citrus like taste which was so tasty and then i also liked how easy it was to work with, sometimes ive had wax thats either to dry and crumbles without being able to pick it up or super goopy but Ken has his method perfected!

- axelmafra

Great price,great meds,No b$#$ Here, Great man.

My friends ,, I have Finally found the place I will call home for my meds..
I purchase product in the past for $50 $60 + for 1g of wax shatter and other type of med. but nothing compare to the product and the high Quality they have here and the herbs wow.. the one I purchase is very good Top shell Meds at Very low price I have purchase Top shell from everyone else here and nothing compares High Prices and Very poor Quality Rip off .. here great price fresh and top shell quality at very low prices..
I got my first purchase two days ago I purchase 4g wax & 1oz of herbs for a great price..
This was the best purchase I done in months,
Thanks ..No Bull shit here..
This is the place. 


 Always awesome

You will not find this quality anywhere. SCCs products will blow you away. You can go pay $50-$80 at other dispensaries and it still won't be as good as SCC.

- NorcalCooper


Ken is the MAN! This man really cares about his patients. THERE IS NO OTHER DISPENSARY OR DELIVERY SERVICE THAT WILL HELP YOU OUT WHEN YOUR TIGHT ON CASH! I cannot explain in words how grateful I am for Ken. THE BEST FLOWER AND HANDS DOWN BEST WAX! Best prices also! Call Ken for your Medicine. YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED!

- 321countdown420

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