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Open Late On Saturdays and Sunday's
Posted: 12/24/15
by D

 We will be open late on the weekends SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS until 7

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West Sonoma County's Premier Medical Cannabis Delivery Service

The Sebastopol Compassionate Care Delivery Service (SCCDS) is West Sonoma County’s premier medical cannabis delivery service collective for qualified patients and primary caregivers who insist on the highest medical grade cannabis flowers, full melts and edibles.

We give members the best organically grown indoor and outdoor medicine for the lowest prices. We locally grow ALL our own!

At SCCDS we strive to provide our members with a wide variety of effective strains, outstanding customer service, safe and passionate care to all of our home bound patients.

You must first become a registered member of our collective by completing the online registration form or if you prefer, we can register you over the phone by calling (707) 508-6145

Register Today and Get Same Day Delivery!

We began with the belief that everyone in pain or who has severe health issues should be allowed safe access to medical cannabis with a doctor’s approval. Shaman, healers and spiritual leaders have used cannabis for 100′s of years.

Our collective facilitates the delivery of medical cannabis (marijuana) to our verified collective patient network in the state of California. We take great pride in our service, and ability to assist patients that need our services. It is our goal to provide medical help to those that due to issues with transportation, health, and distance cannot make it to a dispensary to obtain their medication.

Highest Medical Grade Cannabis, Wax Concenrates and Edibles.

We operate within state guidelines, and to the fullest extent of the law regarding the following legal parameters: SB 420 Statewide Default Patient Guidelines, California Health and Safety Code HS 11362.5 (Prop 215), HS 11362.77.

POP Co2 Oil Four Gram 1/8 Choose 4 Strains $125 Donation

SCC H2o/Co2 Wax Four Gram 1/8 Choose 4 Strains $120 Donation


$120 Mix Bags

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